Concerning a waste incinerator invented by a Japanese company.
 The excelent world's first incinerator with the new burning system.
   Small-sized incinerator controls dioxin-like compounds
   Separate waste according to type for recycling, reduce the volume of waste for safe disposal.Small-sized incinerator  controls  dioxin-like compounds
   Kusukusu industry devotes all its energy to safeguard environmental quality so as to protect  health,welfair, and the  quality of life.
   Kusukusu incinerator we have invented is highly regarded at home and abroad
   Kusukusu incinerator has the follwing many features:
    1   Basic principal: Semi-distillation, Negative pressure combution type.
        This is the world's first incinerator with the new burning system.
     2   Controlling dioxin-like compounds during combustion (Dioxin will not be emited)
     3   Smokeless, odorless.
     4   Waste is dumped in all together, no crushing, labor saving.
     5   Waste is dried, carbonnized kitchen garbage, sluge, paper diaper, etc
    6   Design and structure are simple and failsafe.
     7   For temperature of from chimney
   Though other companies of incinerators is discharged at 800 from chimney,
    Our incinerator after it is burned gas at 800 in burner, so it discharged at about 200.
   For nearby trees and buildings will become less likely to harm.
    You’ll be able to be installed indoors in case by case.
   These systems have been highly evaluated after delivery, even after decades, even in the field running stably.
                               History and delivery record
 1  1995 Commended by the Governor of Ibaraki-Prefecture.
 2  1998 Selected for Inventive Research and Development Fund by Japan Science and Technology Agency
 3  2001 Won Japan Venture Awards in Best environmental device category
 4  2003 Certified for high-quality small reactor by The Japan Society of Industrial Machinery Manufacturers
 5  2003 Selected for RDF gasification power generation and bio-treatment in raw garbage section by Japan Science and Technology Agency.
Selected for commission development work of hybrid system.
 6  2000-07 Made deliveries furnaces to the Antarctica Japanese Syowa base
 7  2004-12 furnaces to Ministry of Defense.
 8  2006 Made delivery of 25 ton treat furnace and have a delivery record of 170 furnaces ranging from small to large reactors.
 Product photo  Characteristic and Application  Incineration Befor & After

                                         Regarding sales for Kusukusu furnace manufacture

                  We can sell the superior Kusukusu incinerator that were invented and developed in Japan.
                  patented in over 21 countries all over the world manufactured by Kusukusu,March 2011 currently,
                  and we can design and construct incineration plants with superb incinerators.
                  We can also estimate for, design, built customized middle-size and large-size incinerators.
                (non-standard incinerators do not shown in the catalog) and incineration plants on your demand  

                           It is possible that our company exporting small incinerator furnace is placed on ship.
                                                     and also, we can do the assembly in place.
                            We can also build electricity generator-equipped incineration plants capable of

                                                   167, 330, 500, 666, 830, 1000, 1336tons/day


                      Generation rate of dioxin type of Kusukusu incinerator MS-1400 is indicated below.

Dioxin Japanese Law  Kusukusu incinerator 
   Density included in exhaust gas 5.0ng-TEQ/NM  0.0048ng-TEQ/NM 
   Density included in incinerated ash         3.0ng-TEQNM      0.0031ng-TEQ/g 
Inspection results above are detected often times but it is not guaranteed.

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