Characteristic and Application

★Throw wastes into the furnace incineration process can be operated without the risk of the hazard
  even when wastes is crammed into it.
  Wastes can be thrown in without crushing them since the slot is wide.
★Although it is half distillation and negative pressure combustion system, waste can be thrown in continuously.
★Collection rate of nonferrous metal (gold, etc)which are waste materials of PC bases, computers, mobile phones
  goes up to more than 5% than traditional method.
★Recyclable with low cost by using glass wool.
★Incineration and melting process of asbestos is treatable. Because inside of furnace is negative pressre.
★Manufacturing from smoll to large reactor is possible.
★Manufacturing plants of biomass,carbode,electrical generation,melting,hot water,drying and so forth is possible.
★Incineration process for powdered waste is possible without making them flying apart.
★The other applied tecnologies are applicable.

 1 Kusukusu incenerator makes it possible to incinerate 3 time more of incinerating objects by cramming them into it.
 2 It operates automatically with timer switch during incineration, so that the operator does not need to be
  engaged in the operation all the time. (small,medium and large furnaces)
 3 Fire on the bottom area of incinerating objects, and smoke the whole incinerating objects,
  and make gas generate from solid objects.
 4 The combustion extend crossways along the fire grate searching for oxygen, and the temperature in the furnace
   would increase by incineration on the bottom area.
 5 Wastes on the top area would be heated up to high temperature, generate gas and smoking would start.

 6 Generates gas, and the carbonized charcoal incinerates and it makes waste on the top area generate gas more.
 7 Incinerate black gas with adjoining kerosene after-burner, and discharge in the condition of smokeless and odoless.
 8 Thick books,phone books and roll papers which had trouble igniting in the traditional incinerator can be incinerate in it.
 9 Straw mat, plywood and so forth would be piled up without a gap, and smoked and incinerated.
10 It does not require an air blower on incinerated objects, so that fire sparks and ash dust wouls not fly.

11 Carbonized =chacoal would redly incinerate and generate only white ash. unburned objecr are almost none.
12 It exhausts air from chimney after cooling down to 200 degrees. in order to prevent generating dioxin.
13 Developmental rates of incinerating ash are 3.3% on wood, and 5% on paper and magazines.
14 Unburned objecrs of incinerated ash are 3.2%. developmental rate with other companies incinerators is 13~ 18%.
15 Treatment cost for ash would be mitigated since more than 10% of developmental rate of incinerating ash is
   less than other companies's incinerators.

16 Desiccate and incinerate wastes which have a lot of dampness and water, such as left over meals.animal feces
   and so forth by constructing 2 floors. (KD type)
17 Continuous dumping became possible by the model. (continuous dumping of powdery and granularity,
  and blasting continuous dumping device)